【Pick up item】 HIKEでBIKEなアクティブパンツ

[Pick Up Item] Bike Active Pants with HIKE

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Active Pants Circle-Mova mesh


Combat Wool(Combat wool)

PaperskyAn important activityHikeandBike
I have the best pants for such activities.
Stretching vertically and horizontally, which can be worn without stress, the ventilation placed behind improves the ventilation in the clothing.hand
Ventilation that suppresses stuffiness, and the tapered silhouette on the hem prevents the hem.

ExactlyHikeandBikeIt's a pants.


Each of the front fabrics has different characteristics2I chose one material.
A mesh with a sun -dried corduranylon and a special knitting structure.
2In addition, it is a pretty maniac material that you can not choose for ordinary outdoor brands. smile
wePapersky WearIs this2I was attracted to the rarity and specificity of the material and decided to adopt it.


Sun -dried cordura nylon

This fabric is made in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Normally, dyeing fabric is put in a large business dryer and dries in a short time, emphasizing efficiency.
However, this fabric used this time is dried in the sun and dried after dyeing.
Naturally, it takes many times more effort and time than usual. There is a reason to make such a time -consuming time.
The atmosphere of the finished fabric is the best. The subtle dyeing feeling and the unevenness on the surface are like vintage.

The sun -drying is very important because the effects of the sun vary depending on the wind, the temperature, and the season, so it is very important for craftsmen who have experienced many years.
Moreover, nylon thread is more than usual7I use a twice stronger cordura. So it's very expensive. smile

But I was attracted to such a playfulness and craft manship.

Without applying mechanical pressure or tension to the fabric

The fabric that has been dried with plenty of sunlight
Just the unique texture.​



Mesh with a special knitting structure

At first glance it doesn't look like a mesh, but if you look closely at the fabric, it's definitely a mesh. But it's not transparent.

Because it is a mesh, it naturally has good breathability and quick drying.

Still, it stretches considerably vertically and horizontally, and the return is outstanding. There is no strict rule, but the fabric10%It is common to call stretching if it stretches.
Still, this fabric is vertically or horizontally30%It's grew over. It is a mysterious material.

It gets through the wind well, sweats quickly, dries, and stretches well.

Short pants are perfect for those who are cool but exposed to insect bite and sunburn because they are exposed.
For the writer who is not good at insects, the savior of the summer mountain climbingsmile



While stretchability in all directions
Quick -drying water absorption
It is an almighty material that also has a combination.






Papersky WearClassic,HIKE & BIKE PANTSThis new pants are different.
right nowHikeandBikeI want to do it. It makes me feel like that.