【Pick up item】Classic ’Paper Logo' T-SHIRT

[Pick Up Item] Classic 'Paper Logo' T-Shirt

Paper = The graphics inspired by "paper" are free and light in the sky and bend, short sleeves.Tshirt.
PaperskyIs one of the representative graphics.
The graphic design is Switzerland's publisher "NIEVESFounderBenjamin SOMMERHALDERMr.
HePaperskyLucas, the director ofB.B.He has a friendship with him and has been providing graphics for many years.
The material contains air in the fiberOECotton knitted with a thread (open end thread)100%I adopted the Indian material material.
It features a dry and rough texture.
Printed the same graphicHoody(Scheduled to start sales in early September).

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Publisher based in Zurich, SwitzerlandNIEVESA co -founder and graphic designer.
After studying graphic design at a university in Basel and Zurich1999A year art & culture magazine "Zoo] Was published.
after that,2001With an art book in the yearZineIndependent publisher "NIEVESWas established and works by various artists around the worldZineIs issued as. Furious artists such as Ali Marcopolos, Kim Gordon, Rita Ackman, Honmatakashi, and Masahiro Hirayama have collaborated with an up -and -coming writer.