【Pick up item】DRY&EASY PANTS

[Pick Up Item] Dry & Easy Pants

Simple sweat pants.

The material is polyester that dries quickly even after washingCaveI adopted the back hair using a thread.

The polyester, which is a deformed cross sectionCaveThe thread expands the surface area of ​​the thread, quickly absorb and spread water.

High -performance back hair of polyester that looks like cotton mistaken for cotton.

The pocket on the side has a zipper, so it does not fall off even if you put things.

Since the string passes inside the waist, the size is also possible.

Even if you wash it, it will dry out immediately if you put it in a dehydrator and dry it, it will not be colored and disrupted, so it is perfect for traveling.Dry & EasyNamed1It is a piece.

Because it uses short fiber polyester, if you repeat it, Pilling (fluffy) will be slightly noticeable, but it is too convenient to supplement it.1Finished on a piece.

Used the same materialPulloverWhenHOODIEIt is also developing.


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