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Dry & Easy Pullover
Dry & Easy Pants



Relax wear perfect for travel.
ExactlyPaperSky-ISHNamedsweatIt is the appearance of the setup.


color is,Blue sky saxophoneCloudy skyTop gray,DynastyEkri, Aurora turquoise,Sunsetorange,Night black
PaperskyIt looks like the skyof6Color developmentis.


Easy to move and use

Under the side of the tops, the sleeves with a room without seams are used, and it is easy to move the sleeves.
If you use the rubber string on the hem, you can adjust the silhouette and wear it.
A thumb hall was attached to both sleeves. It is a convenient point in early spring and autumn when the sun goes down even if it is warm during the day.



Made of silicon and soft stopper in the bodyIt can be worn without stress.




Samhole with cuffs.
MERINO LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRTThere is a similar thumb hall,It can be worn again.


 Both tops and pants have a zipper in both waist pockets so that they do not drop things even during the relaxing time of the upper and lower sweatshirts.

In addition, mesh fabric is adopted inside the pocket to reduce drying after washing.

 There is a zipper's dust in the waist pocketAdopt an unprecedented concealed zipper


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Polyester that dries quickly even after washing the materialCave®︎I adopted the back hair woven with a thread.
Cave®︎The feature of the thread is that it is an outstanding water -absorbing and quick -drying and synthetic fiber, but it is like a natural fiber.

By intentionally making the cross section of the thread, the surface area of ​​the thread can be expanded and the water can be quickly absorbed and dried. Speaking of the same mechanism as sponge and pumice stone, is it divided?Is it easy to do? It dries quickly to an incredible. If you say a little exaggerated, you can wear it from that moment if you wash it and dehydrate.

If you don't say it, you'll be mistaken for cotton. It is a polyester high -performance fleece that can be seen cotton.

The point is that it is hard to fade for polyester.







If it doesn't look or texture, a cotIt's so cotton -like to be mistaken for
Cave®Waid toTopGray back hair







This setup will dry in a blink of an eye if you wash it and dry it even if you wash it at the destination. It is really convenient.
Because it can be used instead of pajamas, you can sleep in the camp and do a hike as it is.

Because it uses short fiber polyester, if you repeat it, Pilling (fluffy) will be slightly noticeable, but it is too convenient to make up for it.It is setup.
sameCave®Used threadshirtThere is also.


Why don't you reach the warm season in this setup?