【Pick up item】Extrafine Merino Wool(18.5μ/Super100’s)

[Pick Up Item] EXTRAFINE MERINO WOOL (18.5 μ/Super100's)

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Onstartbottom "PaperSky Wear "
Of this timeJournalHas already become a standardBase layer made with 100%Merino woolIt is an introduction.

Points are not only the material used, but1The silhouette and color that can be worn even if you wear it with a sheet.
ManyOutdoor brandDevelopingThe base layer is a lot of tight size, and there are only dark colors.
PaperskyThe base layer is a bit different.


Merino wool that pleases the skinThe raw material>

I think many people know the functionality of Merino wool.
Put simply


With natural humidity control, temperature control, and antibacterial function, it prevents solids and makes it comfortable.


Is that?
There are actually various types of Merino wool.
Among them, what I adopted this time is18.5μ μ(Micron)Used raw materialsSUPER 100'sMerino wool.

μ?Super 100's

I don't know what the hell is
This is actuallyWool fiberThe thicknessUnits that representWhat is it?
Generally, the thinner the wool, the higher the high quality raw material.

That is, thisμThe smaller the value of (micron), the thinner the fiber, and it is a high -quality raw material with a good skin touch.
When the fiber is thick, when you touch the skin, it tingles or rough. You can imagine somehow, right?
But if it is too thin, the thread will be easily cut and it will be difficult to handle.hairIt is easy to become a ball,The price is too high.
μThe smaller the value of (micron), the better.

this time,PaperskyAdopted for Merino Wool18.5μ μThe raw material is thin, high quality, but hard to cut and easy to handle. It is such an exquisite raw material.
the18.5μ μThe fabric using the raw material is in the wool worldSUPER100 ‘SIt is described as the fabric.




PaperskyFor the base layer,18.5μ μThe raw material100%UseBraidedSuper100'sofIndiaAdopted.
For finishing, the fluff on the fabric surface is drained, so even if it is washed with excellent color development and glossy.ThanFor dough that is difficult to make pillsImprovementdoing.



If it is a technical scene, the size that fits the body tightly is good,PaperskyThe base layer1Tight passing that can be seen by a sheetIt is a slightly loose silhouette.
It is also recommended for women because the body line is difficult to get out.



Attach a thumbhole to both sleeves, and when it is a little chilly, such as the turn of the seasonHikeorBikeI was able to respond to.
The point name of the paper airplane at the tip of the sleeve is also a point.



Inner as a base layerEven ifgoodI'm sorry1Even if you wear it with a sheet, it will be a good idea.color isPaperskyIt looks like the skyof5Color developmentis.


Night blackCloudy sky ice grayBlue sky saxophoneSunset mustardGreige of the sunrise

Let's select the color to wear according to the color of the sky at that time.
Such a way of wearing may be interesting.
I want to align in different colorsSuch convenientandPaperSky-ISHIt is a base layer.