【Pick up item】ついに登場、HIKE&BIKE HALF SETUP!! 

[Pick Up Item] Finally, HIKE & BIKE HALF SETUP! !

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Cave Easy Short Pants


It has been well received since last yearPapersky WearPopular itemsHikeBike Big Shirt

BeforeJournalBut I introduced the secret of its popularity.

theHikeBike Big ShirtA short sleeve version of the same design is finally here! There are also short -sleeved shirts and setup shorts.


Big Half Shirt>


HikeBike Big ShirtAs wellLarge ventilation on your backArrangement. Looking into the ventilation, the inside has a mesh structure.
This ventilation improves the wind, and the humidity in the clothes is being activeIt adjusts the temperature. It is a perfect detail in the hot summer.




Assuming that the hot summer will be taken off and there will be more.Snap that is quick and easy to put on LontoI adopted a button.
Snap buttonPaperskyIncludes logo.
The collarHikeBike Big ShirtSame asbuttonAdopt regular colors instead of downI did it.




The left chest pocket has a large size. Maps and passportsYou can put in and out without stress.
The inside of the chest pocket is a hidden loop that can be hooked.rice field. If you use a loop, it will prevent sunglasses and pen popping out.The pis name of the paper airplane on the left sleeve accentuates.



me tooHikeBike Big ShirtAs wellA pocket is attached to the left and right waistrice field. no longerPapersky WearIt is a detail that cannot be removed for the shirt.
In addition, I do not want to drop keys and accessories while being active in the left pocket
There are some loops that can be hooked.


Short Pants



There is a pocket on the left and right behind. On the right is a snap button that can be opened and closedSecurity pocket with wrap, easy to put things in and out on the leftIt is a normal pocket.The fabric in the pocket, including the waist pocket, is all in consideration of dryingMesh fabric is used.



Slits were put on the left and right hem.HikeorBikeAt the time of the activity ofIt will make you mousse. Slit paper airplanePis name is accent.


I adopted itHikeBike Big ShirtAs wellPolyesterCave®︎threadIt is a typewriter using.
Cave®︎threadRegarding the typewriter, the previousJournalHowever, I introduced it, but it is a very good material, so please introduce it again.I will do it. smile



Cave®︎The feature of the thread is that it is an outstanding water -absorbing and quick -drying and synthetic fiber, but it is like a natural fiber.
By intentionally making the cross section of the thread, the surface area of ​​the thread can be expanded and the water can be quickly absorbed and dried. It is the same mechanism as sponge and pumiceIs it easy to understand? It dries quickly to an incredible. If you say a little exaggerated, you can wear it from that moment if you wash it and dehydrate.If you don't say it, you'll be mistaken for cotton. Just a cotton -visible polyesterTypewriteris.

For polyesterEven after washing repeatedlyThe point is that it is hard to fade.



A polyester typewriter with a look like cotton.
Cave®threadBecause it is used, it has little glossy and familiar with everyday life.It features a scoop and functional point.

"Typewriter" refers to a dough made by woven at high density.It has a firmness and stiffness, has a unique texture, despite its crisp and crisp hardness.I'm matching.






color isPaperskyImagined the sky blue6Development in color.
Night black, Cloud White,Cloudy skyLightgrayBlue sky saxophone, Aurora turquoise, clear blue.

HikeorBikeIt is a setup that is sure to be a big success in summer, such as surfing, fishing, and festival.