【Pick up item】HATCH BAG with Jackie&Jerry COLLABO!!

[Pick up item] HATCH BAG with Jackie&Jerry COLLABO!!

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long-awaitedPAPERSKY with Jackie&Jerry collaboration!!



Even though Jerry had already come to pick me up in front of my house, I was still in the middle of getting ready.
Fishing gear, stream equipment, camping equipment. I also packed up all my clothes for the hot spring on the way home and threw them into my hatch bag. Packing is done locally. If I bring everything into the car, even if I'm lazy, I won't forget anything.
Unlike backpacking, when traveling by car I pack everything into a tote bag before getting into the car. I've been like this for a long time.

For walking around town, shopping, and picnicking. Not only do I use my tote bag like this, but I also use it to carry play toys from my room to my car.

In that case, it's a hatchback.
8There are multiple multi-pockets for smartphone gadgets, tissues, hand towels, toothbrushes, and insect repellent. Of course, it's also equipment for fishing gear.

Although our fishing results were limited, I was satisfied with just being able to go fishing.

Open the rear gate of Jerry's Prius, take out the hatchback and go to the room.
I guess I'll leave my luggage in there until my next fishing trip.



A thick fabric made from No. 8 canvas.


The tote bag was born from a conversation with Jackie and Jerry, who said, ``If you have a bag that stands up and is just the right size and can be roughly packed with things, it would be convenient when you go fishing by car.'' Pockets are placed on both sides and both fronts to allow for small items.