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Hike & Bike Cave Shirts


Papersky WearAmong them, this is a particularly popular itemHikeBike Big Shirt
Popular secrets are design, detail, silhouette, material, functions, and functions. smile

Of this timeJournalHere are the secrets of popularity.


First of all, its size that will not be a normal outdoor brand.​
It is an oversized big shirt. ​
This is also unique to PaperSky Wear, which has the concept of wearing not only the active scene but also the clothing that can be used for daily.​

In particular, the length is set longer.​
As it is oversized, it is a versatile one that can be used as a substitute for a jacket, such as fleece in the fall and winter.​
Of course, it is OK to put on the base layer as a shirt.

Even if you select your usual size and wear it as an oversized shirt as it is ◎
You can wear one size down than usual and wear it with the usual shirt with just size.​

Women can wear it like a dress if you choose the usual size or one size larger.
Some say that the hips and thighs are hidden.

The sleeves can be adjusted in two steps with the button, so if you squeeze it, it will be a soft and cute sleeve silhouette.

I tried to raise the point someday, but above all, simply simply ...
The silhouette when viewed from the side is really good!

Next is detail.

It looks like a normal button -down shirt, but there are plenty of detailed details.

I put a pocket on the left and right waist.
If there is, it will be convenient and you will just put it in.
In addition, I do not want to drop keys and accessories while being active in the left pocketThere are some loops that can be hooked.
The point name of the cuffing airplane mark is also a point.

I attached a reflector loop to the back.

If you do not have a hanger even if you wash it on your trip, put it on the hook or tree branchYou can dry it. During night activities, it became a landmark in the darkGive me.



Sewing on the button dare not a snap button but for regular shirtsI chose the button and dyed it in the same color as the fabric.
Everyday with a simple appearance
But you can wear it neatly. The cuffs are adjusted for size adjustmentI attached a button. 



The left chest pocket is set large. Maps and passportsYou can put it in and out without stress.
The inside of the chest pocket is a hidden loop that can be hooked.rice field. If you use a loop, it will prevent sunglasses and pen popping out.



A big ventilation on your back.

When you look at the ventilation, the inside is a meshIt has a structure. This benchilleSheong improves the wind, and the clothes being activeAdjust the humidity and temperature in the clothesvinegar.
BikeThe wind from the ride isIt is outstanding.


This time, two materials were adopted.​

Oxford using a type of polyester Cave®︎ thread and a blend of cotton and cordura® nylon.​


Cave®︎The feature of the thread is that it is an outstanding water -absorbing and quick -drying and synthetic fiber, but it is like a natural fiber.
By intentionally making the cross section of the thread, the surface area of ​​the thread can be expanded and the water can be quickly absorbed and dried. It is the same mechanism as sponge and pumiceIs it easy to understand?
It dries quickly to an incredible. If you say a little exaggerated, you can wear it from that moment if you wash it and dehydrate.

If you don't say it, you'll be mistaken for cotton. Just a cotton -visible polyesterTypewriteris.

For polyesterEven after washing repeatedlyThe point is that it is hard to fade.

sameCave®Used threadBack hair setup(TOPS,Bottoms)There is also.




A polyester typewriter with a look like cotton.
Cave®thread() Because it is used, it has little glossy and familiar with everyday life.It features a scoop and functional point.

"Typewriter" refers to a dough made by woven at high density.It has a firmness and stiffness, has a unique texture, despite its crisp and crisp hardness.I'm matching.




®Nylon blend thread>

What is a blend2Mixing different fibers than types and spinning the thread. The finished thread is called a blend of spinning thread, and it is exactly this cotton and coating that I adopted this time.Dura®Nylon blend thread.

Natural texture and cordura unique to cotton
®Nylon wear () The strength of the tearing and the tearing were combinedGood hybrid material.
Classic lookIt is a so -called basic Oxford fabric, but is actually functional.
Very attractiveIt is a modern Oxford.

wear(Me)What is, Slip by friction.



Cotton and cordura®Oxford using nylon blended thread.
It is a standard shirt fabric that is often used for button -down shirts.

The name "Oxford" is named after Oxford University in the UKIt is said that it was attached, and its feature is that the weave is clear.It is a slightly thicker fabric.

Traditional material that is often used as a shirt fabric that matches uniforms and suitsvinegar.




HikeorBike, And it was such a shirt that traveled to the neighboring town and everyday life.

PolyesterCave®I adopted the threadThe fabric4colourCotton and cordura®Adopted a nylon blend threadThe fabric2colourtotal6colourThis is the development of.

Polyester on the fabricCave®I adopted the threadC/#73Light SaxThe color isLimited color at the event exhibition.



Please check the announcement of the event exhibition at any time on Instagram. (It will end as soon as the stock is lost. Please understand)