【Pick up item】HIKE&BIKE PANTS

[Pick Up Item] HIKE & BIKE PANTS

Indispensable for Papersky's activity,HikeWhenBikePants that are active during the activities of.


Papersky JAPAN StoriesofHikeBike The special featureHerePlease see from.


HIKE &BikeIt is a slim silhouette that is slightly tapered so that the hem gets dirty or get caught in a bicycle chain during the activity.
During the break, a smartphone -only pocket was attached to a position where the smartphone was in the way and it was difficult to sit down.
It can be actively active by attaching a gusset to the crotch to make it easier to move, attaching a zipper and rubber to the hem so that it is easy to take off and boot in.1It is wearing.


this time,HikeBike pantsWhat was adopted in the material of2type.

One is a natural touch that is dry while being a synthetic fiber.Crinkle DyeBecause it is dyed in a special way, a look with an unevenness is born on the surface. It is a material that has water repellency and is hard to wrinkle.

The other is a wool -blend lip stop using corduranylon. Cordura nylon is a durable and strong material that is resistant to tearing and wear, so it can be used in outdoor scenes and town use. The point is that it can be washed and washed while wool blend.

Each two materials have their own characteristics, bothHikeWhenBikeFinished in pants that are indispensable.



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