[Pick Up Item] Merino Long Sleeve T-Shirt


The base layer is an important item that affects the maintenance and comfort of climbing.

Papersky's base layer is Merino Wool100%
Absorbs sweat quickly, releases moisture from the body surface, keeps the skin dry and keeps the skin dry. A thumb hall is attached to both sleeves so that it can be used for chilly climate.

The silhouette is moderately loose. Because the line of the body is not too much when you wear it1Even if you wear it with a sheet, it will be a good idea.


For the material18.5On a micronSuper100'sUses Merino wool.
Washable processing is applied and the fluff on the surface is cut off, and there is a high -quality color development and glossy feeling.

The excellent temperature of Merino wool, the high -quality deodorizing effect of natural and the natural deodorizing effect is comfortable every day.


It is a color lineup of black, gray, mustard, and saxophone that resembles the color of the sky like PaperSky. Choosing the color you wear according to the color of the sky at that time may also create a new fun.


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