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Merino Multi Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Merino Multi Short Sleeve T-Shirt

 Tokyo Design Studio, known as a bicycle enthusiastGroovisionsRepresentative Hiroshi Ito.

He worked on graphicsPOPandCutePrintTThe appearance of a shirt.


Long Sleeve

The asphalt bicycle path is printed on the right sleeve, and the left sleeve is printed on a cobblestone promenade.
Everyone is happy if you wear a walking trip or a bicycle journey!

☑︎Paper airplane printing casually on the cobblestone on the left sleeve




Short Sleeve

Fruit on the back pocket on the backOr toolsThe print is hidden.
Even if you are hungry or a bicycle breaks down, you can wear it as long as you wear it!

☑︎Maps and accessories on your backPlace a pocket that can be stored
☑︎ Paper airplane mark in the central bottle

Merino wool covering yarn

Polyester filament yarn on the shaft yarnMerino wool and cool max®︎Blend of spinningWritten with a covering thread usingI use a tyede material.

I don't know what you're talking about lol
In other words, the center of the thread is used with a durable thread like a fishing thread, and the area around the thread is cool.®︎And the fabric made of thread covered with Merino wool.

The part that touches the skin is Merino Wool and Cool Max®。 So it's very comfortable. In addition, the axis is solid, so it's a great tough.
Cool Max with the excellent temperature of Merino wool, humidity control function and natural powerful deodorization effect®︎Good and quick drying of water absorptionIt's a tough hybrid material.

Also eye -catching (weight of fabric per square meter)162g/It is lightweight and lightweight, and is outstanding.


It is comfortable with the soft touch of Merino wool, not the so -called cycle jersey.HikeBikeYou can.
HikeorBikeYou can play not only in running, yoga, and various activeT-shirtsFinished.

Slow sleeves and long sleeves, layering according to the temperatureThen, the print of the sleeves is nice to see a flicker.