[Pick Up Item] Middle Layer Down Vest


It is a middle layer down vest using moderate amounts of feathers in the spring and summer altitude, for outerwear from the top of a shirt, and for mountain climbing in the fall and winter.

I have no idea about the material46g/I adopted a ㎡ and an ultra -light and water -repellent nylon.
Because it is dyed in a special way, a look with an unevenness is born on the surface.
To down700Using Phil Power's Polish feathers, the heat retention is outstanding.

The warm air can be adjusted by squeezing it with a hem so that it does not miss the clothes.

The best type is easy to raise and lower the arm so that it can be actively active.
In addition, elastic rubber is used in the waist pocket so that it is difficult to remove things.

The pocket on the back is convenient for both the left and right.

The length is moderately shorter, so it seems to be useful not only for climbing hills but also when riding a bicycle. 'Papersky-ISH' Named1I got it.


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