【Pick up item】 MIDDLE LAYER DOWN VEST ver.2

[Pick Up Item] Middle Layer Down Vest Ver.2

 A middle layer down vest using moderate amounts of feathers in the spring and summer altitude, using an outer from the top of the shirt, and a mountain climbing in the fall and winter.

In this JOURNAL, we will introduce its commitment in more detail.


POINT1 | Ultra -lightweight / water -repellent nylon material

The material is only 46g/㎡, and an ultra -light and water -repellent nylon is adopted.

Because it is dyed in a special method called "CRINKLE DYE", an uneven expression is born on the surface.

The down is made of 700 fill power Polish feathers, and the heat retention is outstanding.


POINT2 | Pocket with high storage capacity

The diagonal pocket placed around and after, without disturbing the quilted design, greatly increases the front and rear storage capacity.

In addition, elastic rubber is used for the pocket exit so that it is difficult to remove things.

The back pocket can be put in both left and right, and each can be used as an independent pocket.


POINT3 | The hem comes with a spindle

You can squeeze the warm air with the hem so that you do not miss the clothes.

In addition, squeezing the hem will change the silhouette, so the range of dressing will be expanded.


POINT4 | With a loop on the back

There is a loop on the back so that it can be easily applied even in places without hangers.


POINT5 | Easy -to -match color

The colors are black, brown, beige, and charcoal.

One of the major features of PaperSkywear is a clean color development based on the color of the sky.

There is no doubt that this coloring and design that are easy to use in outdoor scenes, both everyday wear, will be more active.


Middle layer down vest with PaperSky.

When riding a bicycle, climbing a mountain, and of course everyday use.

Why don't you wear your favorite color and enjoy the trip actively?


Pick Up Item

Middle Layer Down Vest

Size | S. M. L. XL

Color | Black. Charcoal. Beige. Brown

PRICE | 26,400yen (TAX IN)