【Pick up item】ODK PARKA with Jackie&Jerry COLLABO!!

[Pick up item] ODK PARKA with Jackie & Jerry COLLABO!!

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I'm Waiting.PAPERSKY with Jackie & Jerry
This time,ODK PARKAto the PICK UP.


 There was a time when I was just as waveboard as I could.
On the day off, he gathered his friends and went to a surf in Chiba and Ibaraki, and enjoyed a ripper ride until he got bored.And when the waves were lost, we had to choose whether to go on land, take a nap, or go fishing.Naturally, I enjoyed fishing in the nearby fishing port with my friends who were fishing.

 to take a nap, to fish, and from the sea, I was wearing a Mexican parkker.It was also an alternative to a towel, and it was also an adhesive to go for a game.Even if I wore a saphpants, I could wear a Mexican parka from the top, and I couldn't eat it.

I got on the board the other day after a long time.
It was a sap, not a rider, but fell into the sea, paddle, and went fishing, and then, when he went to land, reminded me of the Mexican Kavan.I wish you had a Mexican Parker.

 It can be put on a wet body, and it can be used instead of towel.It is also used as a daily relaxed wear.It may be a good sauna, too.





It is a wool used with cotton slab.The surface of the slab is formed like a wave in the sea.


A Mexican Parker that can be worn at a slow time after an activity.In principle, Mexican Parker was created with the assumption of a surfer coming out of the sea and being dressed in a naked nudity.The original concept was changed to a modern style so that the dough can be changed to a soft cut or it can be relaxed by the interpretation of Jackie and Jerry.The front will be large "GRIDER GREEK" and printed.