【Pick up item】“PAPERSKY-ish” なECWCS

[Pick Up Item] "PaperSky-ISH" ECWCS

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Uniform Blouson
Uniform Pants
Uniform CAP


It is sudden,ECWCS(Equix) "Do you know what it is?
If you like military, many people know.


"ECWCS" is an expanded cold regional clothing system(EXTRA COLD WEATHER CLothing SThe initials of ystem) were named,

It is a general term for combat clothing developed by the US military.​


Originally, as a military clothing worn by soldiers in a harsh environment1980A system developed by the US military in the ageWear according to the climate and temperature7 stepsBell divisiondeath,
By combining them, it is a mechanism that multiply to various environments.

In short, this idea is the same as the layering in outdoor wear by trying to wear it appropriately according to the climate and temperature.
In fact, it is a major feature that Patagonia and Wild Sings are involved in developing and manufacturing outdoor makers, even though they are combat clothes.vinegar.

wePapersky Wearteeth,ECWCS "Level4CorrespondWindchelI focused on

There is no high -spec character like completely waterproofing or permanent water repellent, but it is soft and light, with a moderate rain and wind.
Above all, I feel attractive to the versatility that can be used as an outer and a middle layer
By making this wind shell easier to use on a daily basisOther than midsummerUpdate as a convenient daily wear that can be used all year roundI was allowed to.


Polyester typewriters have a look like cotton.
In general outdoor wear windchells, there are many fabrics called synthetic fabrics.

That is, of course, not bad,Papersky WearWind shells are more familiar to everyday life while guaranteeing the minimum functions, such as water repellency.I decided to adopt this easy -to -use front fabric.





 Polyester with a cotton -like expression
Water -repellent type.​
 There is little glossy feeling and it is easy to get used to everyday life
It features a functional point.​

 What is a "typewriter"?
Made by weaving at high density
It refers to the fabric.​
 There was firmness and stiffness, crispy
Despite the moderate hardness
It has a unique texture.​






A mesh is used for the back fabric so that it can be worn comfortably and comfortably even when touching the skin.

It seems that things are easy to put in and out of the waist and it is hard to fall

Pocket with a structure that overlaps flaps
Pocket with a zipper that becomes a security pocket

I attached one to the left and right of the front body one by one.




On the right sleeve,I CcardbutA small pocket that can be stored is placed.



Also, the inside of the clothes does not get too stuffy when worn.Large ventilation on the backIs to set upStortrocate the hood on the collar so that you can get rid of the sudden rain and windOr so
Repeated prototypes and discussions to repeat detailed updates.





Mesh lining is also used for pants that use the same fabric as the blouson, so the left and right waist pockets do not lose them.fastenerWith security specificationsI am.
A smartphone exclusive pocket is also attached to the right back side.
A zipper is attached to the hem so that it is easy to take off.



Convenient and cool and can be worn every day. LighterHike & bikeFrom activities like everyday to everyday use.
Papersky WearFinished as a "daily uniform" setup.


Oh, there is also a cap equipped with a sunscopy that can be attached and detached using the same fabric.
The collar of the cap is soft, so you can roll it in your pocket by rolling it or folding it.