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Papersky Trail Running Club


Members are Devoted to 'Playing', and 'Respecting' to the Upmost
Papersky Trail Running Club pours all the power into "play",

The Trails, Trees, Rivers, and Wildlife They Encounteron the Journeys The Woods.
I respect the best things, such as trails, forests, rivers, and wild animals traveling in the forest.

We don't Compete to Become Champions of Humans
We are not competing to become a human champion.

But Rather Love Become One with Our Mother Earth.
It is preferable to be one with our mother Earth.
We end Each Adventure with A Light Heart as Well as A Beer, A Kiss or A Song!
We will achieve each adventure with a light feeling.
It's like drinking beer, kissing. As if singing in a song!



"APRES Run", the concept of the Papersky Trail Running Club, is a word created by Lucas B.B, influenced by the 80's ski culture called "APRES SKI".

"APRES SKI" is translated directly "After Ski".

It means the time and habit of drinking beer and alcohol with after parties and friends after enjoying skiing. Papersky Trail Running Club is a casual lunchroom that enjoys the after -sales "SKI" with "run" with "run". Facing the adventure with a relaxed and relaxing feeling without being too serious.
After the trail running, you can enjoy a craft beer on the river and enjoy a tent sauna, and you can enjoy the run and the entire culture surrounding it.

We call our team as "Flying Bears" with love.


Shimizu Masashi
Graphic designer and illustrator. Lives in Tochigi prefecture. Design and art direction in various situations in various situations such as fashion brands, outdoor brands, culture, advertising, package design, and web.2012From the year, he moved from Tokyo to Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture, and is currently active in various fields, including branding, directing local events, and involving local government projects. My hobby is walking in Tochigi mountains.

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