【Pick up item】PAPERSKY with Nieves and Andreas Samuelsson

[Pick Up Item] Papersky with Nieves and Andreas Samuelson

Swedish artistAndreas SamuelsonWith him as a guest, Switzerland PublisherNIEVESIs the capsule collection curated.
Andreas, such as mountains, fish, and bicyclesPapersky We had you design a graphic according to the activity.
This capsule collection sells not only wear but also goods such as silk screen posters.

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Publisher based in Zurich, SwitzerlandNIEVESA co -founder and graphic designer. After studying graphic design at a university in Basel and Zurich1999A year art & culture magazine "Zoo] Was published. after that,2001With an art book in the yearZineIndependent publisher "NIEVESWas established and works by various artists around the worldZineIs issued as. Furious artists such as Ali Marcopolos, Kim Gordon, Rita Ackman, Honmatakashi, and Masahiro Hirayama have collaborated with an up -and -coming writer.

Andreas Samuelson 

Visual creator based in Yotivoli, Swedish.2004Year, StockholmBERGHS School of CommunicationGraduated and started working freelance. At first glance, simple artwork is created through the process of simplifying complex things and complicated by exploring lines, surface, and shape properties. The unique work isAdidasAesopAppleRAF SIMONSCollaboration with brands,The New York TimesThe New YorkerApartAmentoPopeyeIt is also published in media such as.