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[2/20 Release! 】

"Papersky Wear" started
Of this timeJournalHas already become a standardHIKE & BIKE PANTSIt is an introduction.

A beautiful silhouette when wornAnd fine details are of course popular, but above allThe fabric used in these pantsAnywayIt's really good.


Combat Wool(Combat wool)

Merino wool loves everyone.
That melino wool and cordura®ofSpinning nylon※1The original threadDeveloped and the threadUseHad madematerial.
that isPaperskyofHIKE & BIKE PANTS AdoptedCombat woolWhat is it?

This combat wool, what is amazing is its uniqueity.​
In general, I think that many corduranylons have a thick and hard image used in bags such as backpacks and sakosh.​
However, combat wool is developed for wear, so it is the best to wear it when worn thinly and softly.​

 ※1 What is a blend?2It is to mix different fibers than types and spin the thread. The finished thread is called a mixture, and the fabric is called a blend fabric (blended fabric).


This time, I chose a lipstop from a number of combat wool.

Lipstop is the name of a lattice -shaped fabric.
The reason why it is woven in a grid is that it torn halfway even if it is broken.RIPStop)STOP)
Because of its sturdiness, it is for mountain climbing supplies such as military uniforms, parachutes, and tents.It is used.

* 2 The tissue woven in a lattice -shaped form is the secret of sturdyness

woolofIf you hear pants, you may imagine a thick material.

But this lipstopEyes(Weight of fabric per square meter)160g/Like the fabric used in the suit and the suitThin and soft.
It can be worn all year round except for midwinter because the wind is thin and the wind is good. But it's cordulanylonwear(※3)
In additionThe excellent temperature and humidity control function of Merino wool and the powerful deodorizing effect of natural are comfortable every day.
I made it with such a combat woolPaperskyofHIKE & BIKE PANTS
You can't be a standard. smile
samedesignIn the fabricUsed water -repellent nylonHike & Bike PantsThere is also.
 ※3 wear(Me)What is, Slip by friction.


A slim silhouette tapered from the knee to the hem.
The hem is gusset so that it can be easily taken off even in slims, so that it can be opened and closed with a zipper. 
HikeorBikeA flat rubber is inserted so that the hem does not get dirty or get caught in a chain at the time, so that it can be worn neatly.
Gazette crotch, a general detail of climbing pantsCrotchRectangularGussetYeah, waving belt Nylon beltEquipment.
Gazette crotchTo treatEven if you work activelySupporting the goodness of the fabric without stickingWill do it.


Because it is a climbing -type pants, it uses wool blended fabric that is used in suits, so it is not too casual.
HikeBikeetcSuch versatility that can be used in everyday life other than activities is also attractive.
1If you wear it, you will probably want it in a different color. It is such an item.