[PODCAST] Romantic road that carried mackerel and culture. "Saba Kaido" connecting Fukui Prefecture and Kyoto

PODCAST "PAPERSKY" Thinking Clouds with Lucas B.B."is sent along with the travel and lifestyle magazine" PaperSky ", where high -tide is involved in distribution.
This time, we will visit Kyoto and talk about the theme of "Saba Kaido" connecting Fukui Prefecture and Kyoto from the Papersky project "OLD JAPANESE HIGHWAY" walking on the old road.

Lucas who has actually walked the "Saba Kaido". Tatsuya Oki, a former messenger who is currently living in Kyoto and a friend of Lucas, will also participate on the way, and talk about the history of Saba Kaido, episodes on the road, and Kyoto at the end point.



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"Papersky" Thinking Clouds with Lucas B.B. ""
"Thinking Clouds" is Lucas B.B., editor -in -chief of "Papersky", who plays the role of host, and Aoi Inagaki of the stationery and miscellaneous goods manufacturer "HighTide", and invites guests who are active in various fields based on the keyword "Journey of Thinking". This is a program that shares a talk, such as traveling, attractive people from all over the world, and culture, and enjoys a talk.
▷ New episodes are distributed on the first and 3rd Mondays every month.

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【The guests】
Tatsuya Oki (TATSUYA OKI)
Instagram:@ msgrt2y

Lucas B.B. (Lucas B.B.)
Born in Voltimore, USA in 1971. Grew up in San Francisco. After graduating from the University of California, I came to Japan with one backpack. While working as a freelance writer, he launched the Japanese -English bilingual culture magazine "TOKION" in 1996. In 2002, he launched the Travel Lifestyle Magazine Papersky, and created fresh media that connects time, nature, and culture in a new perspective of "Ethno Travel".

Aoi Inagaki
He is in charge of planning and miscellaneous goods manufacturers from Fukuoka "HighTide". "HighTide" is involved in the production of "Papersky Travel Tools" of "PaperSky", and appeared in "PaperSky Podcast". I'm studying on my trip and outdoors.


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