【Podcast】Podcastをスタート!PAPERSKY「THINKING CLOUDS with Lucas B.B.」

[PODCAST] Podcast starts! Papersky "Thinking Clouds with Lucas B.B."

Papersky Tools distribution of stationery and miscellaneous goods manufacturersHigh tide Co., Ltd.but,PaperskyWithPodcastPaperskyThinking Clouds With Lucas B.B.].

Thinking CloudIs a balloon that comes out when people think or imagine something in manga and anime.
In this program, we will deliver unique trips and attractive people and culture from all over the world with the keyword "Journey of Thinking".
 Travel Media "PaperskyEditor -in -chief, LucasB.B.We will welcome various guests every time as a personality.
The assistant is Aoi Inagaki of the high tide.

Hikes, motorcycles, etc.Papersky I chose the voice media approach so that you can enjoy it while doing an activity. Of course, you can enjoy it slowly at home.
Lucas that cannot be conveyed in magazines B.B.Please enjoy the unique perspective and charming character.

The latest article of podcastHerefrom.

Lucas B.B.Lucas B.B.
Born in Voltimore, USA in 1971. Grew up in San Francisco. After graduating from the University of California, I came to Japan with one backpack.
While working as a freelance writer1996A year in Japan -English bilingual culture magazine "TokionIs launched.
2002Travel lifestyle magazine "PaperskyIs launchedEthno TravelFrom a new perspective, we are seamlessly combining time, nature, and culture, creating fresh media that connects the future.

Aoi Inagaki (AOI INAGAKI
Stationery and miscellaneous goods manufacturers from Fukuoka "HighTide] In charge of planning. "Papersky"" Product line "Papersky Travel Tools""HighTide""PaperSky PodcastAppeared in]. I'm studying on my trip and outdoors.