[PODCAST] The food field is everywhere in the sea. "Making a dining table with a face" where the trip is connected. Guest: Nao Mikami, a traveling chef

The 22nd guest is Nao Mikami, a traveling cook.

Nao Mikami is a traveling chef who visits producers from all over Japan and holds a pop -up restaurant with local ingredients. magazine"PaperSky 64"In the Kochi special feature, he appeared as a guest of the trip, and is on a trip to visit modern and nomads while touching the nature of Kochi. Nao Mikami surrounds the bonfire, cooks the blessings of nature, and makes one table. What kind of story can you hear?




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"Thinking Clouds" is Lucas B.B., editor -in -chief of "Papersky", who plays the role of host, and Aoi Inagaki of the stationery and miscellaneous goods maker "HighTide", and uses a keyword "Travel of Thinking" with guests who are active in various fields. This is a program that shares a talk, such as traveling, attractive people from all over the world, culture, etc.

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【The guests】
Nao Mikami (Nao Mikami)
A traveling chef. Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Tokyo University of Agriculture, he worked in elementary school as a nutritionist. After that, he went to France and trained at a local restaurant. After training at California "She Panins", he currently creates a table with a face -to -face look in various parts of Japan. In the sea, mountains, rivers, the food fields are everywhere.




Lucas B.B. (Lucas B.B.)
Born in Voltimore, USA in 1971. Grew up in San Francisco. After graduating from the University of California, I came to Japan with one backpack. While working as a freelance writer, he launched the Japanese -English bilingual culture magazine "TOKION" in 1996. In 2002, he launched the Travel Lifestyle Magazine Papersky, and created fresh media that connects time, nature, and culture seamlessly from a new perspective of "Ethno Travel".


He is in charge of planning and miscellaneous goods manufacturers from Fukuoka. "HighTide" is involved in the production of "PaperSky Travel Tools" of "PaperSky", and appeared in "PaperSky PodCast". I'm studying on my trip and outdoors.


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