Q. Information on each inquiry first

Papersky WearFor inquiries regarding, from the following contact form


Papersky ToolsFor inquiries regarding, from the following contact form


In addition, inquiries to PaperSky, recruitment, etc.Please contact us from the link below.


Q1. What kind of payment is available in papersky Wear Store?

Credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay (Japan only), PayPal are available.
For more information,Shopping GuidePlease confirm.

Q2. There are several sites in papersky, how are they different?

For PaperSky
PaperSky JAPAN Stories "
"PaperSky Store"
"Papersky Wear"
There are three sites.

"PaperSky JAPAN Stories" mainly publishes articles as a media.

"PaperSky Store" and "PaperSky Wear" are online store,

"PaperSky Store" mainly sells miscellaneous goods, and "PaperSky Wear" mainly sells clothing.

Please note that each shopping cart is different and the payment will be separate.

* What you are watching now is the "PaperSky Wear" site.

"Papersky Wear"Located on the online storeClick [Tools] to move to the "PaperSky Store" site.can.

Q3. How do I get a replacement or refund?

[Returns for customer's convenience]
Returns due to customer's convenience are basically not accepted, such as the size does not match or the image is different.

[About replacement of defective products]
If the product is damaged or stained when the product arrives, or if the product is different from the ordered item, or if an extra product arrives, the phone or e -mail is within one week (7 days). Please contact us in the way.
If there is one point below, it will be possible to return or exchange for any reason.
Please note.

1) Products that have been 7 days or more after the arrival of the product

2) Products once used

3) Products with odor adhesion, dirt, and scratches under the customer

4) Products that have lost or damaged packages (bags, boxes, etc.)

 * Please note below:
• Shipping and fees cannot be refunded.
• Refund is made to the original payment method.

For other detailsShopping GuidePlease confirm.

Q4. Is the store safe?

yes. At the time of purchase, each transaction via the online payment gateway is processed using 128 -bit SSL encryption. We do not sell, trade, or lend your information to anyone.

Q5. Where can I check if the order was shipped and the tracking number for the order?

After confirming your order, you will receive an email with the tracking number.

Q6. How long does it take to ship the item?

We will ship within 5 business days from the day after the date you received.

Delivery days vary depending on the region and the effects of traffic conditions, weather, etc.

Q7. How do you know the presence or absence of stock?

Online stores are updated every day, but if you have some stocks, you can quickly prepare stocks. For confirmation and questions regarding purchase, please contact us from this page.

Q8. The question is not solved.

Here CONTACT pagePlease contact us more.